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Auto Accident? There Is An App For That!

June 22, 2011

School is out and summer is here!  Summer means family vacations, trips to the beach and just enjoying the weather! This means that everyone is driving more, especially teen drivers who are out of school for the summer. With more drivers on the road, people have to be more aware to avoid being in an auto accident.  Do you know what to do should you be in an accident? Would your teen driver know what to do if they were involved in an accident? 

Hopefully, you never have an auto accident. Should you get into a fender bender, there are some basic steps to always take.  Try to stay calm, try to get out of traffic to be safe, check to see if anyone has been injured, exchange insurance information, and call the police.  An unexpected accident can cause you to be rattled, it may be hard to think clearly or remember everything.  Your mind might be full of thoughts and questions or you may become emotional.  It may be hard to remember everything you need to do.  A phone application, or app, may help you get through it all!  There are several iPhone and Android apps available out there that can help you collect the accident information, take photos and contact help.  We have found just a few you might consider.

Phone app

Iwrecked is not related to an insurance company.  It can help you log the accident details, call for a taxi or a tow and call emergency numbers.

The Hartford provides both an iPhone and Android app that offers an auto accident checklist, a way to save driver and accident information to help you submit a claim.  It can also help you find a repair facility. 

Safeco‘s iPhone app will store your policy information for you.  It helps you collect accident information and email it directly to the claims department.  You can contact your claims adjustor through the app as well as check your claims status. 

Travelers has an iPhone and Android app that is available for anyone, not just their customers.  It will walk you through recording the accident information, including taking a voice recorded description and then walk you through submitting a claim if you are a customer. 

Progressive  has an iPhone app that helps you collect the accident information and even make a payment.

All these apps are free, easy to download and have a lot of great features.  Just a few minutes now can help you make an unexpected auto accident easier to deal with later!

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