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Wedding Insurance = Dream Wedding

May 19, 2011

Everyone wants their wedding day to be one that sparkles and shines.  A special day filled with love where the bride and groom are surrounded by family and friends.  That fabulous day where smiling faces and wonderful moments become cherished memories for years to come.  With June being the most popular month for weddings, that day is right around the corner for some people. 

bride and groom

While everyone hopes for that perfect wedding day where everything goes according to plan, what if something does go wrong?  Weddings take a lot of time and money to plan.  According to, the average wedding costs $27,800.  Wedding insurance can help to protect your plans and the investment you’ve put into creating your ideal wedding. 

Wedding insurance is a policy designed to protect your wedding day from unplanned events.  It will help to cover the cost of postponing or cancelling the wedding if an outdoor or destination wedding is affected by severe weather.  Wedding insurance can reimburse or cover the cost of a florist, caterer or reception hall that goes out of business unexpectedly.  Lost rings can be replaced and a damaged dress can be taken care of by a wedding insurance plan. 

While seeing to last minute details for your wedding, you can purchase a wedding insurance policy too.  Some policies can be purchased up to 14 days before the wedding.   Many wedding insurance policies are inexpensive as well so why not protect all your plans.  For more information about wedding insurance you can visit our website.

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